My natural hair journey

Chemical filled hair

I always favoured length over health!

My hair has been relaxed (chemicals) since I’ve been young, I’m not certain on the reason why this was such a popular thing but everyone I was aware of, had their hair relaxed and it became a mandatory hair styling where once the hair extensions were out, the hair was required to be relaxed because there was unrelaxed growth that had occurred.

Having chemicals on our hair wasn’t strange to all those around, even though it wasn’t the safest idea, and often led to burns on the head. However the purpose of the relaxer to me at least was to straighten and soften the hair, ideally, it made the hair manageable and more westernised.

I used to prefer my hair straightened because it made it look longer and like everyone else’s. It was easier to style and at the time I thought it had a lot more styles available to it.

The big chop (at least it was to me)

Technically my intention wasn’t completely to go natural. it had been a thought, but the real reasoning was, after taking my extensions out, my hair was so tangled and I was feeling extremely lazy, and it was too achy to brush it out so I decided to chop it all out. After chopping off the tangled part of it, It seemed there had been more natural hair than relaxed and I had the afro frame so I continued.

The cut was uneven, the hair was dry but I had my 4c hair shining for the first in its full natural form. Even then I was still unsure about it but the real seller was the joy and the celebration of friends for finally joining the natural side. It was incredibly hard to maintain, I had no real understanding of how to style or the products to use and they were expensive. I always had the thought at the back of my mind to get the relaxer back out but I said no!


I’m making progress in the sense that I’m getting the hang on the type of styles that suit my 4c Afro hair, the best products to use and just generally how to look after my hair.

My hair seems to grow incredibly slowly and I can tell you it’s incredibly annoying, but it is growing. It’s getting softer and not so dry. It’s actually looking more like am afro now and Best of all I’m loving my naturalness.

Going natural has honestly been such a wonderful transition for me in every single way because I’ve been learning to love my self in all my naturalness, not wanting to be something I’m not and quite frankly, acknowledging how diverse i can be by being me.

22 thoughts on “My natural hair journey

  1. I stopped relaxing my hair three years ago! It’s the best thing I had ever done! I love my hair natural more than relaxed l, but you’re right that was the norm back then. I find easier to look after my natural hair as well andI no longer find it hard to comb. I am 4C like you

    1. It’s amazing to be completely natural. Best thing I think. There’s more products for natural and it’s nice and thick!

  2. I never really liked my hair straight I just pretty much did what everyone else was doing by relaxing hair. So yes you are so right about it being the norm back then. I love your natural hair by the way.

  3. I have big chopped three times and had haircuts here and there this time I plan to see how long it can grow without me being tempted to shave again.

  4. Loving your blog and get the points about being so excited with your natural hair. My sister and I also are natural now and loving it. There are more options I think. And we look the way we should with our own hair.

  5. Going natural has been a job in and of itself. However, I wouldn’t dare go back to chemically straightening my hair. This journey has taught me so much about myself and I defined my beauty. I’ve also learned patience because nothing requires more patience than Wash Day. LOL.
    Best of luck as you continue on your natural hair journey.

  6. Your hair looks amazing! I feel like the photos of you with your natural hair speak louder to your personality than when it was relaxed! Do you girl! Love it!

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