Daddy and his lil curls

A beautiful concept produced by a gorgeous individual Tolu. Daddy and his lil curls is about breaking down this terrible and truthful representation of fathers and daughters in this terrible society. It is showing that true involvement between the two is still alive and present. This is a show on YouTube, showing fathers styling andRead more

Inspiring work with Roselinebevents

Roselinebevents is a self-employed event/wedding planner, her work ranges across many occasions, from weddings, funerals, graduations to anniversaries. I have had the honour to first become friends with her and her family before beginning my work with her. Lola is stunning, kind-hearted and so loving. My work began with her when I was a youngRead more

We all need a bit of positivity

I for one know a thing or two about the effects of lack of positivity in their life. When surrounded by positivity, we feel empowered, inspired and active. Three very important feelings that contribute to an uplifting day. Granted our feelings could be an impacted by a devastating event, however, we strive to maintain a positiveRead more

Bake that face!!!

We live in a generation where first impressions could lead to happiness or endless despair (geez talk about being overdramatic). This could vary from major to minor situations of importance. We could be meeting the person we want to date, we could be going for a job interview or we could just be speaking toRead more