My natural hair journey

Chemical filled hair I always favoured length over health! My hair has been relaxed (chemicals) since I’ve been young, I’m not certain on the reason why this was such a popular thing but everyone I was aware of, had their hair relaxed and it became a mandatory hair styling where once the hair extensions wereRead more

Let’s talk shoes!

Don’t you just see some girls strutting around in gorgeous yet uncomfortable heels, sometimes I think to myself I would love to wear it just like them but then other days I get my brain back and think heck no am into that beauty is pain ideas? Saying that though, I’m about to completely contradictRead more

How to be confident with scoliosis

Diagnosis I was 8 years old when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I was young and didn’t understand much of what it meant, but I remember the resistance I had towards that diagnosis. “There’s nothing wrong with me.” “I’m not different.” “I’m just like all other kids.” “If I don’t take this seriously, it’ll goRead more

We want to look our best at all times regardless of the season!

To get that skin glowing and feeling healthy, you need to take care of your skin and you can do this by having a good skin routine. This is one thing I have struggled with, honestly, it’s exhausting when you’re in bed all ready to sleep and then you remember that you haven’t prepped yourRead more

Daddy and his lil curls

A beautiful concept produced by a gorgeous individual Tolu. Daddy and his lil curls is about breaking down this terrible and truthful representation of fathers and daughters in this terrible society. It is showing that true involvement between the two is still alive and present. This is a show on YouTube, showing fathers styling andRead more

Beautifully aware

I received some wonderful products from chemist last month and used them daily throughout the whole month to get the full effects. Many of the products were focused on the face but some other few were hygiene (ish) related. From the month with daily use, I feel refreshed and they helped with the gorgeous summerRead more